Suits & Sneakers

Fady Karim, Founder & CEO

We’d rather call him ‘Godfather’, not because he has turned us into a motley gang of advertising chefs. He actually looks and walks like Al Pacino, exuding that confidence that persuades way before he delivers his opening line. COO at Focusadvertising Middle East, Client Services Director at Euro RSCG, and Group Account Director at Y&R were some of the posts he had held, which explain why he knows how to bring giant agencies to their knees at pitches. And what he wins stays with him because he goes the extra mile, inspecting by himself client’s campaigns to ensure everything’s alright.

Farid Matta, Creative Director

A free spirit, it’s hard to believe that Farid began his advertising career in Saudi Arabia. He’s convinced though that it was a good place to start. In Dubai, his creative juices, which began percolating at NDU Lebanon, have found expressions in witty ads that underline the power of creative simplicity. A simple man himself, he only requires three things to get him going: hunting, music and beer.

Hani Sharaf, Art Director

For someone who’s work has been exhibited and awarded by art academies and advertising associations around the world, Hani Sharaf is a pretty low-key individual with a quick smile and a sharp wit. Hani is theAdkitchen’s newest secret weapon, having done double duty as art director and copywriter in both global and regional advertising agencies in Dubai for the past 10 years. He’s worked on everything from cars to cooking oil, and is known to create solutions for even the toughest of briefs and clients, so don’t be surprised if you hear the name “Troubleshooter” being whispered about town from now on.

Rahat Ali, Digital Director

No – not the International Cricketer for Pakistan – our Rahat Ali is another key player who always has his eye on the ball, as our Digital Director. He may not be much of a talker but we’ll let his designs and concepts speak volumes. A true perfectionist, he loves nothing more than fine-tuning campaigns until they are flawless, and has created stunning pieces for Samsung, Jumeirah, Canon, LG, Emirates NBD and Noor Islamic Bank. Did we also mention he’s a passionate photographer?

Fatema Raj Sonawane, Creative Copywriter

From a parallel realm, Fatema balances her love for life in this one through creative adventures. Though educated in Fine Arts, Psychology, Physical Education, Fashion Design, 2D Animation and Pre-Production in Film Studies, she believes learning is an infinite journey. Since 2012, she’s assembled an integrated experience with accounts like Porsche, Maserati, Western Union, Del Monte, Mondelēz International, ENOC and Dubai Culture – to name a few. When she’s not creating creative dimensions in the office, she’s re-creating herself through art, audio and nature expeditions. If you spot her (the one with the wild haircut), do gift her a genuine smile, hi-five or a warm hug – she loves those.


Mai Al Khaldi, Arabic Copywriter

Mai started writing as a hobby, but earned her Bachelors in Pharmacy. Soon she realised that she needs to follow her passion for words, resulting in her in practicing patience, while studying Media – eventually choosing this as a career, making her a medical translator. She moved forward to work as Content Editor for companies like ARASCO, IDAK, IDB, OLMASCO, INTAJ and then officially as an Arabic Copywriter with agencies like Just Media. She’s now taken up the challenge to become a part of our team, where she’s translating her passion creatively. Mai absolutely loves spending time with books, classical music, the sea and family – these details make her life more meaningful. She’s a great listener, but if you mention a good book or a great author, she transforms into an even better conversationalist.

Nicolas Maalouf, Junior Art Director

Hailing from Lebanon, Nicolas is a passionate artisan who always seeks out a challenge. He stepped into the world of designing through a B.A. in Graphic Design in Multimedia and harnessed a diverse experience in branding, animation, illustration, design and all things art.

Apart from crafting colourful memories out of others’ stories, Nicolas also has a super serious soft spot for sunflowers and regularly dedicates time to late night overthinking escapades.

Bashar Moussa, Digital Marketing/Business Development Director

theAdKitchen is proud to have the talented Bashar Moussa on our team. A respected star of Syrian music, and a major collaborator and trailblazer, he has inspired many across and far outside the music and entertainment industries and brings his creative energy and a ton of charisma to theAdKitchen as our Business Development and Communications Consultant. With the insight and talent to recognize the best attributes of our brands, Bashar proves that creativity and successful business strategies can be fused with data and insight, for impressive results.

Waqas Farooq, Account Director

When Waqas tells you he’s got an MBA in Marketing, he may be referring to his graduate degree or his Most Brave Ambition: to take over theAdkitchen soon. And it’s not unlikely. Educated at the top-notch Bahria University in Pakistan, he’s soaring at eagle speed in his career in Dubai—soaking up experience in events, production, studio management, and client servicing. One thing is sure, his zeal and intelligence will send his

Nour Aoun, Digital Account Manager

Nour’s background in Social Media and Digital Advertising, armed with a Master’s Degree in Web Design from The Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts(ALBA), Lebanon, makes her a sure shot in this digital world. Regardless, she’s in a constant quest of studying how digital advances are currently evolving our culture and media. Also, as her role requires, Nour is serious, yet sociable, out-going and curious. While art, technology and sports have always been a huge part of Nour’s personality, it also leads her towards always thinking outside of the box!

Mohammed Shan, Technology & Design Executive

One of the most skilled Graphic Artist and IT Professional, Shan is a connoisseur of all things tech and design in the Digital realm. Apart from having numerous projects in his kitty, he’s also worked on websites for companies like Bayan Medicals, UGO EMC and Al Manar.

In his free time, he keeps himself busy buy reading to enhance his life, by playing basketball to increase his strength or by tinkering on computers to fuel his passion.

Rawan Sweis, Social Media Specialist 

Rawan started her career in Jordan and gained experience by working with the governmental institution – Greater Amman Municipality – at the Branding and Communications Department. Later, she explored with non-governmental organizations – like The Children’s Museum Jordan and here in Dubai she freelanced with TBWA/Raad, for Global Village’s Season 23 as well.

Her hobbies click with photography, mastering the kitchen, knitting up wonders, hiking heights and of course – everything tech!

Youmna Fadel, Account Executive

Youmna, a proficient in English, Arabic and French has been raised in Lebanon, but is growing professionally in Dubai – to only name a few, she’s worked for BMW AGMC, Damac, Sobha Real Estate and P.F. Chang’s.

When work’s not keeping her busy, Youmna dives into her passion for swimming, apart from stretching herself mentally and physically by practicing yoga.

Nandini Karangutkar, Senior Accountant

She’s an accountant of the rare kind. Remaining kind and calm despite years of dealing with numbers (and suppliers!), Nandu is probably one of the most loved accountants in Media City. That’s because she brings breakfast for everyone. That she’s always able to pay salaries on time despite the ups and downs of business says a lot, not just about her work efficiency but also the goodness of her heart. And with her master’s degree on the horizon, she’s only going to get better.

Reshma ShivrajPA to the CEO

This soft-spoken Mangalorean is our resident PA. She has 10 years of experience supporting managers and executives in all environments and is ready for just about anything anyone can throw at her. She is incredibly versatile, reliable and efficient and has many diverse skills, including her excellent communication skills.

A very loving and friendly person, when she isn’t holding the office with her dedication and hard work, she’s out enjoying dancing, listening to music and appreciating art.

Noushad PullikalLogistics

Noushad makes sure theAdKitchen runs seamlessly despite our city’s notorious traffic. As theAdkitchen’s much-needed driver and logistics legend, he’s calm in a crisis and our ever-patient, assuredly-safe pair of hands. Originally from Palakkad, Kerala, Noushad joins us via two years of delivery and project management in Saudi Arabia, and has a background as a Real Estate Broker. When he’s not ensuring we arrive on time, he loves action Films, badminton and of course, his family and friends. 

From Palakkad, Kerala, India