Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom

Freedom is entirely different from revolt. There is no such thing as doing right or wrong when there is freedom. You are free & from that center you act. and hence there is no fear, & a mind that has no fear is capable of great love. And when there is love it can do what it will. (Jiddu Krishnamurti)

As a graduate of fine arts and the crazy! black sheep of the family, my work has always been my passion. My work is about “The other world is possible.”

“Connect the Dots” is a series in acrylic & oil on canvas I’m currently working on, expressing my thoughts, feelings and emotions through the people who made a difference in the journey I am living today. Once the dots are connected, you’ll understand what the other world is all about.

Finding FreedomFinding FreedomFinding FreedomFinding Freedom

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  1. ali

    keep connecting the dots Nayla ;)


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