Crossfit Impulse

Crossfit Impulse

First rule of Crossfit, you always talk about Crossfit. Second rule of Crossfit, you ALWAYS talk about Crossfit.  Yes, granted I am slightly obsessed. However, what is better to be obsessed about than the best sport in the world?

Let me tell you about what Crossfit is, it is an exercise philosophy and a competitive fitness sport. Crossfit incorporates elements from high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, girevoy sport, calisthenics, strongman and other exercises. Basically if you are good at Crossfit, you are automatically good an ANY FORM OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY OR SPORT.

I like to imagine that if I were on a plane flying across the pacific ocean and it crashed (Lost style), I would be the only one able to fend off lions, tigers and bears, swing from vines from tree to tree, cut down trees and build a hut to live in. Whilst everyone else would perish. This is why I do Crossfit. Oh, and the current Crossfit Games champion (Rich Froning) is a living God on Earth and I enjoy having an excuse to stare at him.

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  1. ali

    you would also win “Hunger Games”!


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