Passion for Spanish

Passion for Spanish

Yes, I’m a girl and my passion is football. I know.. I get that look all the time.

I support Spain for so many reasons (other than my crush on the goal keeper), they are well structured, the team work is always their best asset, they play with high morals and big heart, they defend, attack and they have the best goal keeper and the biggest stars in the world of football…

I believe in this team because they’ve got what it takes… they created a strategy which has been followed by many other teams. The Spanish have emerged and excelled in a short period of time, they did what other big teams did not do in the football history.

They are the Matadors, literally my heart stops with every kick to the goal from Sergio Ramos, every knock out by Casillas and every turnover by Puyol, football gives me butterflies in my stomach which normally is felt when a girl is in love, apparently.

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  1. Ali

    #WorldCup2014 lessons:
    1) Spanish cook nice Paellas.
    2) Italians are great pasta makers.


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